ClearDefense Pest Control by Sarah D.
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The clear choice in pest control!

At CLEARDEFENSE Pest Control, we use only environmentally responsible products. Our treatment is applied with pinpoint precision using methods based on pest behavior, habitats and lifecycle. Our microencapsulated formula slowly releases treatment product over time assuring ongoing effectiveness. Applications can be less frequent, which saves you money. And our products dissipate harmlessly into the environment.


CLEARDEFENSE is totally committed to environmentally conscious practices. We even use eco-friendly vehicles! And our highly trained technicians treat your home in a precise, targeted manner that allows for less exposure to you, your family and your pets. Contact us to find out more about how we are the clear choice in pest control for North Carolina.


" I spent a number of years in the pest-control business in another state where I saw what might be called the “old way” to operate. A truck parked at the front of a home, a worker using a small B&G and sprayed insecticide in what seemed to be an indiscriminate and imprecise fashion. Not only did this method seem to require more frequent treatments, it often led to complaints by customers about chemicals not being applied properly or efficiently. I decided I wanted to do things a better way. That’s why I started ClearDefense Pest Control.